18 Year Old Trane Furnace Smells Musty


I just bought a condo that has an 18-year-old Trane Furnace. When the furnace runs, it causes the whole condo to smell musty and tends to make me cough. Also the tiny drain hoses are plugged somewhere and backing up causing water to leak out of a small blower housing. I have disconnected it from the housing and routed the hose into a bucket for now. What should I do for each separate problem, or could they be connected?

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  1. When units are in a condo this is a common problem because the AC systems are generally oversized and will remove the sensible heat (what you see on the thermostat) but will not remove the latent heat (humidity). This will leave extra moisture in the air, and because most condos are well insulated the moisture settles, generally in the ducts and in dark cool places. This leads to many many problems as you are experiencing.
    The system was probably oversized (back at that time this wasn’t a concern and they didn’t realize these problems would happen).
    You can have the system cleaned, ducts cleaned and sanitized, ultra violet lights, etc.
    Until the real problem is corrected it will continue.

  2. Sounds like you could have a mold growth problem from within your furnace which can sometimes happen with a 90% efficient furnace that produces condensate> These drain lines need to be open at all times and should drain within the furnace to a drain trap that is part of the condensate removal system every furnace has. Have the furnace serviced soon; this could also be the cause of the musty smell when your furnace is running.

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