A/C Compressor Won’t Come On


My central A/C unit fan blows and I can tell the compressor is trying to come on by the dimming of lights and such in the house. Is there anything I can do to help it engage?

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  1. Sounds like your compressor is stuck. If the start devices on the compressor prove OK, it’s likely you will need a new compressor.

  2. I would check the compressor capacitor, and install a start kit if one is not installed by the manufacturer. If those components are still good attempt to start the compressor with a amp clamp meter attached to one of the power in lines, when the unit try’s to start see what the power consumption reading is. If this number is higher than the LRA listed on the side of the unit the compressor is locked up and will need to be replaced. If the system is older then I would recommend complete system replacement.

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