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My central ac froze up today, I had to let it thaw out be for it would blow air again. What causes this to happen? It has done the twice before this year.

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  1. If your indoor unit is “freezing up” it is common to see a block of ice. There are 3 main causes of this type of failure.
    The first is usually air flow, this can be a dirty air filter(s), duct-work to the system that is undersized and not allowing the proper amount of air flow, or the system is slightly low on refrigerant.
    When the weather gets cooler (below 70*) outside and the air conditioning system is still used to cool the home if you have any of these three problems you will be more likely to experience a freeze up.
    I would recommend proactively addressing this situation before it causes damage to other components of the system.

  2. The main reasons for a freezing system: 1. lack of air flow: dirty filter, blocked supply or return registers, dirty indoor or outdoor coil surface. Your indoor coil will get dirty over time, especially if the unit was ever run without a filter. The outdoor section picks up air-borne dirt, pollen, duct etc. over the years. Sometimes you can clean the outdoor coil; the indoor coil should be cleaned by an experienced A/C person. 2. Under charged unit. A professional should evaluate and perform the service. There are other causes but the two above are the most common.

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