Commode Not Circulating Water


A commode in one of my bathrooms will flush but will not circulate the water strong enough to swirl for a empty flush. The paper will not flush down the toilet. Is there some component inside the toilet that I can replace to give the commode enough pressure for a complete flush? The fixture is about 25 years old. Could the line be plugged from the commode to the sewer? The commodes in the other two bathrooms flush just fine.

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  1. I would check the openings around the rim of the bowl and especially the opening in the bottom of the bowl to make sure they are not plugged with lime build-up. If these openings are restricted, the water cannot get from the tank to the bowl fast enough to flush effectively. The water inlet in the bottom of the bowl should be big enough to stick your finger in. If any of these are restricted with lime, your options are: try to scrape it out, try some of the mineral dissolvers on the market, or replace the toilet.

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