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We are building a house at the beach on a lot that is 50 x 100. The house is 28×46. I was wondering if the fifty foot road frontage would be large enough for a curved driveway?

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  1. That really depends on where the house will be situated and where the entrance to the driveway starts. Fifty feet generally will be enough for a curve, but without seeing the landscape it is tough to give a definite answer.

  2. James, Without seeing the area, it may be hard for me to answer but does sound like it would work. The best way to see if it will work, is I would recommend going and getting 1/2” brown water pipe with couplers. lay them out in the area to see what it looks like. Please not 1/2” white PVC sprinkler lines is not as good as the 1/2” brown water lines. I absolutely would recommend nothing less than 12’ wide driveway and see if it works. if the pipe Bends and looks good then it will work. Also check with your local city or county make sure you will not be too close to the property lines on both sides. That also could change your plan depending on the regulations in your area.

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