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We have an 18 inch pool round, and we have two very small holes in the pool wall, is their anything we can put on it? My husband taped it and then put the liner in. He is afraid that when we start to fill it with water, the pressure of the water will make the holes bigger and it might explode, everyone thinks it will be fine! What do you think?

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    If this a vinyl liner pool, you can get repair kits for the liner. what happens is when you fill it with water that water will start to leak behind the liner and cause corrosion of the metal panels behind the liner it also causes the liner to bubble in up in those areas where the holes are. I suggest you call a swimming pool company that specializes in vinyl liner pools, and get an estimate on repairing it.

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  2. Do you mean 18 foot round pool? There are patch kits for liners that you can purchase at any local pool store.

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