We just purchased a home with a pool. How often should we run our pump/filter?

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    During the winter months you can run your pool 4–6 hours daily as long as your not heating it. During the summer months when we have a lot of rain and heat from the sun, the pool should run no less than 8 hours daily. Keep in mind that the chemicals in the pool will only circulate when the pool pump is running.

  2. You should run your pump 8 hours a day in the summer. You should also keep the filter clean or your pump will not circulate properly. The rule of thumb is to turn your water over at least once a day so depending on the size of the pump; it can take 6-10 hours a day. This can be cut down in the winter months where the water temperature is not as aggressive to algae growth. The filter should be cleaned when the pressure increases by 1/3 of the clean operating pressure.

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