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We recently purchased a large home that was custom built in the 1990’s. It has a great deal of windows, doors, and trim, all of which are pickled oak. I like the idea that they are all uniform… but pickled oak isn’t exactly our style. We would like all of the trim and doors to be white. Would it be cheaper for us to paint the wood, or should we replace it?

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  1. It is certainly cheaper to paint wood than to replace it. If you would like to see the texture of the oak (i.e. the pits, grain etc.) just paint 2-3 coats of an oil based stain on the wood. If a more smooth, even finish is required simply wipe a wood grain filler over the surface of the wood and paint 2-3 coats of oil based paint. The filler fills in the pits and allows a smooth finish to result.

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