Resewing Yard


I have a 1-acre lot that is in a new subdivision. The lot is very rough and is tough to mow. The dirt is mostly clay and it has never had any grass sewed. All that I have is what has come up naturally. I want to get the lot graded and then tilled up and sew some grass. My questions are 1. When is the “BEST” time to do this? 2. This lot is in full sun. What kind and how much seed do I need? 3. Do I fertilize when I sew new seed or later? What kind of fertilizer and how much? 4. After I till up ground and sew the seed, will I need to cover the seed up with dirt? If so, how is the best way to do this? 5. The lot is very flat. Do I need to put straw down? If so, how much straw would it take for 1 acre?

Dana Waistall 7 months 0 Answers 75 views 0

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