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On the inside of my toilet I have noticed that the water is continuously running. When the toilet fills up in the tank, I notice the fluid master rises and the flapper is securely down, but the black hose that fills up the tube keeps running even when the tank is full. Why is this? This just started 2 days ago. Now I have to turn the water off when the tank gets full to stop the water. Is it the fluid master?

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  1. There is a seal under the cap of the fluid master 400a that may be bad or some trash is in the cap and needs to be flushed out. Turn off the water to the toilet. Pick up under the black float and turn the top off. There is a black rubber seal under the cap. Look for trash or replace the seal. Put your hand over the top of the fluid master and turn the water back on and off to flush it out. (This is with the top still off). Then put the cap back on. Also, if the black fill tube is pushed in the over flow pipe to far, it will run all the time. It should be clipped on the top of the over flow, not pushed in the round holder.

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