Time of Year to Seal a Driveway


When do you seal a drive way? Like what time of year?

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  1. You can seal your driveway anytime the temperature is 50 Degrees or greater.

  2. Hi Marilyn, you can Seal the driveway anytime of year unless it is to cold. There are variables depending on what part of the country you are in regarding the correct time frame. My personal recommendation would depend around your weather conditions. For example I live in Florida and in the summer months it rains every day in the evening and is 90+ degrees. That has the most wear and tear on the driveway, so I recommend cleaning and sealing in October or November because that would be the most need to have it cleaned from all the summer stress. Most driveways need some TLC after a rainy season. Sealer application would make it look brand new again.

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