Two Driveway Slabs Below Grade of Driveway


My driveway has 2 slabs that are below the grade of driveway.

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  1. Julie, I can only assume the slabs under your driveway is more then likely near the street and Probably is in the City or county right away. Some of the rules in different areas will mandate installing a concrete slab under paver driveways in the rite of way. The right away is usually the first 10 to 15 feet from the street into your property, which actually is not the home owners property it is the city or county property. I have seen the city or counties have no regulations at all, and some have very strict regulations. If you plan on doing work or removing the slabs I would check with your local city or county to find out where they stand with their rite of way regulations.

  2. Have them lifted back in to place or what we call slab-jacked.

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