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A client has a 4 X 7 steam shower. They will probably use the shower 2 times a week during colder months for duration of about 15 minutes. Can honed limestone or something comparable be used for the floor walls and ceiling of this shower? They also want a slab shower seat on one wall of the shower (4′ X 18″). Do they need to be concerned about shampoos and conditioners staining the stone? I understand that it would most certainly need to be sealed on a regular basis, but is this enough?

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  1. Please make sure you know about steam showers before installation. That being the required waterproof membrane and the use of thin set versus mastic in this particular application and that the construction has the proper slant to it to allow for drip page on the ceiling…this is crucial! Honed limestone or something comparable can be used, but I would suggest a smaller size such as a 4×4 (or smaller) to allow for the pitch to the drain on the floor…the ceiling I would suggest up to a 6×6 just for ease of installation…12×12’s on a ceiling with thin set is a time consuming endeavor…anyways a 6×6 on the diagonal looks best…the slab seat is also okay BUT…with ALL stone products, there is going to be potential staining or etching, even when sealed, in these types of application…I always tell my customers that they have to accept that over time that natural materials will change (like leather products) and that this is part of their beauty…if they cannot accept this then natural stone is NOT for them and they should choose a ceramic.

  2. Diane is 100% correct. I will absolutely BEG my clients to re-consider stone in ANY shower installation. It will NEVER look the same after day ONE. Its like driving a car off the lot, it depreciates in HALF. Stone is almost TWICE as porous as ceramic or porcelain tile. Even if sealed (which will buy you some time — but not significant in my estimation), the amount of chemicals and water in a shower will mitigate any sealer rather quickly, ESPECIALLY if we are talking about a Florida shower which typically gets NO natural air. An investment in a small fan can prolong the vibrancy of the stone. Place a fan on the curb of the shower or in a place that creates a “tornado” effect in the shower. DRYING it will add years to any shower (whether stone or ceramic), but Florida showers simply never dry. Add the following factors: shampoo, soap, hair products (conditioner etc), water pressure PLUS the dirt that comes off of US, and you have a science experiment in there. Stone is twice as porous = twice as hard to retain its original look. A vibrant stone shower will look RUSTIC sooner than later. They’re beautiful, but maintenance can be an annuity.

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